NAA Officers and Committee 2023/24

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Commodore Jerry Rook commodore@
Chairman Andy Pearce chairman@
Secretary Kirsten Sheppard secretary@
Treasurer Matthew Thompson treasurer@
Membership Secretary Phil Sheppard membership@
Events Secretary Mike Banner events@
Events Promotion Mark Reddington events@
Midlands Rep Mark Reddington midlandsrep@
Scottish Rep Steven Brown scottishrep@
Southern Rep Barry Wicks southernrep@
Northern Rep Phil Smith northernrep@
RYA Rep Paul Armstrong RYArep@
Publicity Mike Banner publicity@
Publicity & Promotion Mark Reddington promotion@
Trophy & Awards Member Matthew Thompson trophies@
Class Event Clothing  <position vacant> kit@
Web Master John Woffinden webmaster@
Alive Editor Tim Coleman alive@
Class Measurer David Chivers david@
Committee Member Richard Smith richard.smith@
Committee Member  Judy Armstrong judy.armstrong@
Committee Member  Michael McNamara michael.mcnamara@
Committee Member Alex Cull alex.cull@
Committee Member Stuart McAdam stuart.mcadam@
Demo Boat co-ordinators Matt Thompson
Mike Banner
Andy Pearce
Archivists John Woffinden
Norman Halstead
International Albacore Committee
IAA  Vice President Matthew Thompson IAAvicepresident@
IAA Committee Member Paul Armstrong IAAUK@