Boat Details for Sail Number: GBR 6852
Sail NumberGBR 6852
Boat NameBlue Magic
Finished By
1st MeasuredSaturday, 31 July 1982
1st CertificateThursday, 31 May 1979
Hull Colour
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Data from USA Registry

Race Results for Sail Number: 6852

EventPositionHelmCrewBoat NameClub
2002 Nationals at Herne Bay SC11Derek GibbonKatie GibbonKatsieFCC
1999 Nationals at Royal Torbay YC19Derek GibbonKatrina JohnsonBlue MagicForth Cruising Club
1998 Nationals at Parkstone YC15Derek GibbonIan BrownFCC
1997 Nationals at Hayling Island SC25DEREK GIBBONMARY DAVIEFORTH CC
1996 Nationals at Tynemouth SC27Derek GibbonBlueMagic
1995 Nationals at Looe SC17Derek GibbonBlue Magic
1994 Nationals at Hayling Island SC36DEREK GIBBONBLUE MAGIC
1993 Nationals at Thorpe Bay YC24DEREK GIBBONBLUE MAGICFCC
1992 Nationals at Hayling Island SC45DEREK GIBBON
1991 Nationals at Cramond BC46Derek GibbonDick DrylieBlue MagicForth
1990 Nationals at Arun YC64D. GibbonNYKBlue MagicFife
1989 Nationals at Llandudno SC21Derek GibbonRichard DrylieForth
1988 Nationals at Plymouth YC43D. GIBBONFCC
1987 Nationals at Helensburgh SC34D. GlbbonL. RichardsForthCC
1986 Nationals at Paignton SC36D. Gibbon
1985 Nationals at Herne Bay SC37D. GibbonJ. IrelandBlue Magic
1982 Nationals at Herne Bay SC38N. MACGOWANFORCC
1981 Nationals at Helensburgh SC40N. R. MACGOWANFCC

Results may not be correct where alternate sail numbers have been used in events.